by kateagarwal

since our place will be a Latin fusion of sorts, we’re working on developing menus and restaurant names at this point.

we came up with over 25 possible names for this joint by now and for the time being we settled on CILANTRO, as it captures our favorite Mexican herb which will be featured in many of the dishes.

with such a green, fresh name, the color palette needs to match. so we’re thinking the interior will be bright and sunny, with lots of greens, yellows, and oranges. clean and modern. chrome and white. we’ll put colorful, funky art on the walls by local Chicago artists, focusing on Latin American themes and subjects. and if i can succeed at growing them well, we’ll have small pots with live cilantro plants on the tables.

we’re currently working on a business plan as a way to really think this idea through, plus we need to submit a finished document to the guy in charge of real estate in the new developments along 53rd Street.

my favorite part of the planning process is the creative side, of course – from designing logos to researching menu items, from thinking about colors and decor to browsing Mexican and Argentinian and Colombian cookbooks, and more. :-) we’re also doing financials, and projections, and liabilities (but those are not as much fun).

we want to come up with a possible logo mock-up before the business plan is submitted, so i can include it there. for the final logos i think we’ll get a graphic designer to finalize our ideas, as i have no decent graphic design software to work with.

i take occasional breaks from the research and writing to play around with some fonts, colors, and images. :-) i like, for example, although it’s a bit limited as far as customizability of fonts and designs. i’m using it to come up with a few logo ideas.