exciting Hyde Park plans

by kateagarwal

i find this whole revitalization of Hyde Park fascinating. we have lived here for 19 years and this new wave of interest in our beloved neighborhood is fantastic. long overdue.

i’ve been reading the Hyde Park Progress blog and they have tons of interesting information about the neighborhood, its major players, political issues, real estate, and much more. and i found several cool articles about the Harper Court development project and other happenings around our target area (around 53rd street):

and it was through them, that i found the Hyde Park section of the RedEye blog. also quite interesting. i also found some cool articles on curbedall kinds of things i didn’t know! another blog that i’m now reading is Hyde Park Urbanist, where I got the above image of the plans for Harper Court. additionally, the Urbanist has a nice overview of the neighborhood and plans for its revitalization. yet another source of useful neighborhood info is the 53rd street blog, maintained by the UofC. a slightly different perspective (a bit skewed, clearly), from the UofC point of view, yet still informational.

seems that before we started looking into opening our restaurant, we clearly didn’t know as much about our beloved neighborhood as we thought we did. so i’m really enjoying learning about all these cool things!

and the bottom line i’m getting from all these blogs and comments and public opinions is clear – and we’ve been saying the same thing for years now: Hyde Park is in serious need of more quality food and drink establishments where local residents can gather, hang out, socialize, eat, drinks, and enjoy each other. we have the coolest, most diverse and funky citizenry in Hyde Park and it sucks that there are so few places we can go. people need more options to go out in our own element, not having to always go up north! this is what we’re trying to address with our restaurant ideas.