maybe RED…?

by kateagarwal

we’re constantly doing a lot of thinking and talking about what we want the place to be, to look like, to communicate to customers, and we also talked about the kind of potential customers we would like to attract. and that’s how we started to have doubts about CILANTRO being THE name for our place.

for me, the name drives the rest – the overall image, the logo, the color scheme, the decor, etc. with a name like CILANTRO, i envisioned lots of crisp, clean, cool colors (lime greens, juicy oranges, bright yellows – like this awesome citrus collage) and a very modern, minimalist interior (sleek, simple chairs, chrome and white dominating the decor).

as we keep talking about the whole thing, talk to friends and neighbors, do online research, visit new bars and restaurants for ideas, we are changing our ideas about what we want. instead of a cool, crisp, bright space, we’re now leaning more toward dark, warm, cozy, and red. a soft, cushy lounge instead of a modern, sleek space. i’m thinking deep, dark reds, maybe a few accent purples, and a lot of black. and this kind of a mood requires a whole new color palette and definitely a new name. a dark red, velvety, lounge-y bar just cannot be called cilantro.

preliminarily i’m thinking RED for the name. simple. easy. and while being so simple, it also carries a lot of various inner meanings because the color red is complicated and evokes certain emotions. i like it. i updated the menus and the business plan with it and Aloke likes it too. he doesn’t love it, and i think i don’t either, but we do like it. it has some potential.