meeting with the alderman

by kateagarwal

the alderman’s office scheduled our meeting for January 4, 2012. we bought a red folder at Office Depot on the way, stuffed the updated RED business plan, the menus, and the 6 presentation pages into it, and drove to the alderman’s office at 2325 E. 71st Street. we took Finny along, as we have no babysitting of any kind.

the meeting went very well. Aloke started our “presentation”, talked about our plans for RED, the theme, menu, etc. he then moved to talking about us, who we are, why we want to start a restaurant, etc. we were very nervous about this meeting, but the alderman was very nice and the conversation quickly turned very informal. she was looking over the “about us” page of the presentation i made and she was amused that we got married at Bond Chapel in the middle of July. that was enough for us to relax and just have a good, informative conversation with her.

so what’s the scoop? she said she really likes our idea. :-) her staff was also very excited and supportive. she will support us in the liquor license process and help out along the way. she also said she will be a regular customer at RED, as good tequila is hard to find in Hyde Park and RED will have a few. she did say she thinks we need a different name, something more in line with the menu items, something Latin. we agree, of course, it’s just not that easy for us to decide on a name…

so, we’re good to go! it feels really good when people approve of this plan and seem excited at the prospect of a place like RED joining the Hyde Park landscape. this kind of positive feedback and enthusiasm makes us even more eager to get this process moving!