restaurant names

by kateagarwal

we’re really having a hard time with the restaurant name.

we came up with tons of names, plus friends suggested many more. the latest “choice” was RED, but after we started looking into website issues, Facebook pages, LLCs and other stuff, RED just doesn’t cut it. we’re not thrilled with RED. other people aren’t either, even those who like it, are not 100%. so it’s time for a decision to be made. we has these discussions a million times. we explored many different angles, looked into various issues, threw around a bunch of names. here are some we considered:

and after a lot of talking, thinking, trying it out, asking people, checking domain names, checking Chicago business listings, and munch more, we decided to forget RED and go with MUNDO BIZARRO. it meets a few of our main criteria (which we came up with when looking for a potential name):

  • it’s in Spanish, which aligns closer with the menu we plan to serve
  • it sounds cool
  • it means cool stuff – “mundo” means “world”, “bizarro” means “strange, crazy, bizarre”, together they make “crazy world” which is the way we feel about life in general
  • no other businesses have similar name, no Illinois LLCs or any other bars/restaurants are even close – it’s unique for Chicago

so, there it is. from now on we’ll be talking about our plans for mundo bizarro. i have to revise the business plan and menus and all… and i need to find a cool font…