venting issues

by kateagarwal

we have a VENT problem.  there is a ventilation issue at the DelPrado building.  even though the corner space is re-zoned as a restaurant space, it lacks proper ventilation for commercial cooking.  as in it has NO kitchen VENTILATION.  which sucks.

its common knowledge that all kitchens, especially commercial kitchens, need proper ventilation.  like the small vents above kitchen stoves in any home kitchen, mundo bizarro’s kitchen will need vents.  commercial kitchens are more complicated because they need to pass city’s inspections and obtain permits.  but DelPrado doesn’t have any existing hookups for venting to the outside, and neither can we use the building vent system to hook into.  we need to vent, but we can’t seem to do it at DelPrado.

if we can’t figure out some not-so-obvious venting solution (since we can’t drag a giant black iron pipe to the roof because it’s a historic landmark building and we cannot “deface” the outside), we’ll have to abandon the DelPrado location altogether.  that would suck.