meeting with an architect

by kateagarwal

Aloke put up a listing for our architect job on and he got some calls right away from prospective candidates.  the first guy who called was Prashanth and when he was up for meeting us at DePrado on a Sunday, we were readily impressed.  he was nice, young, but unfortunately not a keeper.  after a few minutes of talking to us about our vision and looking around the corner DelPrado space, he said that because of the lack of proper ventilation already existing in the building, this cannot be done.  he was pretty much saying there is no way to make a restaurant happen here.  he wasn’t pleased that we didn’t have a restaurant consultant already (we need one, apparently), and after giving us the number of a guy he works with, Dave, he promptly made his exit.

so, Aloke will talk to Dave, the restaurant consultant, about the possibilities and limitations of the DelPrado space.  but it seems to not be looking too promising because of the venting issues.