alternate location?

by kateagarwal

we’re looking into the empty corner space on Dorchester and Hyde Park Blvd, on the bottom of the Madison Park apartment building as an alternate location for mundo bizarro.  the venting problems at DelPrado seem to be significant and may prohibit us from actually setting up shop there.  so we need other options, at least to have more ideas.  we drive past this space for lease on Dorchester many times every week, it used to be a hair salon, so i got the number off the window.  Aloke made the appointment with the office lady to show us the space. she had to check with the building owner first, to see if he’d be interested in having us, a restaurant / bar, in there. she came back with a possible yes and we went to see the place.

it’s nice. 2,500 square feet (almost double of DelPrado’s little corner), with lovely thick columns. big windows, one small existing bathroom, lots of room for the kitchen space and to build storage. the best part is the side door – we could do food and supplies deliveries away from the main dining room (as opposed to right through, which is one of our concerns at DelPrado). could we make mundo bizarro work here? we’ll have to look into this a bit more…