graphic designer

by kateagarwal

i found a graphic designer .

as we talk and talk about the logo for mundo bizarro, we decided having a graphic designer may help. especially since we want to pursue the KICKSTARTER route and we’ll need to have some kind of logo-ish presence there.

since we love the ZAZZLE business cards (they arrived today and they are AWESOME!), i sent an email to their customer service department about how i could get the main image – the winged heart – for our business use. they replied that i need to contact the graphic designer who owns the rights to the design. so i found her, through the business card design listing. her name is Julie Farrell and she owns / manages several online businesses, one linked to ZAZZLE – Odd Lot Paperie. i’ve been talking to her through email and learned several things about the process of logo design:

1) Julie cannot just give us the red winged heart image as is for our excessive use – she owns the rights and she will not stop using it in her various creations (like the business cards we bought, the stationery she sells, etc.);

2) so, we now have two options as far as working with her: option 1 – she uses the main elements of the winged heart image that we already like and changes some details (colors, crown style, wings, etc.) to make the image more unique for mundo bizarro and therefore useable on promotional materials, signage, menus, etc. this will cost $300 (half up front, half after the final logo is produced);

3) option 2 – she designs a brand new, unrelated logo for mundo bizarro using any ideas we have or coming up with her own. this will cost $400 and we will fully own the rights to the image.

we’re thinking about it… we really fell in love with the winged red heart as it is on the business cards. everyone who has seen the card has been very impressed and had only positive things to say about the image and the whole look of it. so starting from scratch on the logo seems a bit weird… so we’re leaning toward option 1, just making some minor changes to the existing design and incorporating the name mundo bizarro into the logo, using the font i found for the business card. we’ll see what Julie comes up with… we can always change it.