meeting with a contractor

by kateagarwal

we’re simultaneously working on DelPrado as well as Madison Park.  we figure it won’t hurt to have options.  so we got a name of a general contractor from the Madison Park leasing agent and met him at the space today.  his name is Cornel, he seems nice, down to business, no bullshit kind of guy.  we brought the drawing i did (he asked over the phone, so he has an idea what we’re looking for), with our ideas for layout and placement of the various parts (kitchen, bathrooms, bar, etc.).

it was a good meeting.  we’re seriously considering Madison Park now.  it’s still at a number 2 spot, but looking better and better.  that space has great potential, it’s bigger, spacious, has a side door, those cool fat columns…  we like it more and more.  we’ll see what kinds of numbers Cornel comes back with and move from there.