not the 53rd Metra stop

by kateagarwal

proposed Bike Station on 53rd & Lake Park

we have to look into other locations, since solving the venting problem is not looking too promising. Hyde Park is not necessarily filled with spectacular vacant commercial real estate spots.

for some time now (at least 6 months) we thought the spot under the 53rd Street Metra station could be an interesting location for a bar. there used to be an old cigar shop there years ago. so we thought we’d try to find out if this could be an option for us for mundo bizarro.

so i just called the Metra Real Estate and Leasing Office. and found out a lot of interesting information about how the Metra manages and leases their under-the-tracks spots and the various issues these locations have to deal with (structural problems, leaky ceilings, etc.). i also learned a lot about the relationship between Metra (they own the west side of the tracks) and Canadian National Railway (they own the east side of the tracks), which i never through i needed to know, yet found quite interesting. :-)

and finally, i also learned that the spot under the 53rd Street station is already taken. the UofChicago is planning to do a bike share venture out of the spot. it’s a good idea for the neighborhood. hope it’ll work out. and it sucks for us – need to look for other possible locations!