ventless possibilities

by kateagarwal

portable ventless hoodi’m doing more research on ventless hood options (example on the left) because the DelPrado corner is still our first choice. apparently, this is a possibility as long as the cooking equipment is fully electric (no gas stoves). i talked to Tom Nolan, the equipment guy at Schweppe Inc. they don’t stock ventless hoods, as they are not very common (regular ventilation is preferable, obviously), but he referred me to another guy who can answer questions in more detail. so i talked to Ed Wachowski, some major restaurant supply vendor, and he said ventless hoods have been working in a few Chicagoland restaurants (he gave Northwestern University as an example) and they wee able to get necessary permits. it depends on the menu and equipment. and they’re expensive, louder than regular venting options, and need filtration that has to be replaced regularly.

but possible. that’s what we need. a possible solution.