random idea: collage table tops

by kateagarwal

so i’m obsessed with collage.

long time ago i decided that i will take on the interior design of the restaurant. it started with the mosaic bar and progressed to furniture. i will be “making” the tables for mundo bizarro. the plan is to buy old, rustic-looking, worn-out tables and refinish them. i will strip old paint, cover everything with new paint to match the overall theme (purples and reds?), and then make cool collages on the table tops, covering them with multiple coats of clear varnish. i did some research and i even found step-by-step instructions. :-) here are some tables that inspired me:

my ideas are a bit different, as in very specific in image themes. i want to keep the “bizarre” thread front and center, and i have started collecting images, postcards, and magazine cutouts.