architect meeting, take 2

by kateagarwal

we got another architect to meet with, Jeff. since the first guy literally ran away from DelPrado wanting nothing to do with it (chicken!), we needed someone who wasn’t easily intimidated by the property limitations. so Aloke found Jeff, spoke with him on the phone, the guy seemed very reasonable, interested and willing to come out to the space and meet with us.

and so we met. we talked. we looked at “our” corner spot, then we walked over to the awesome DelPrado ballroom (it’s an amazing space…if only it was ready for occupancy!), and even drove out to Madison Park to see the alternate idea for comparison. he offered to go, which was impressive. he seemed willing and able.

but then as we talked further, about the first location and its issues (DelPrado), then the second location and other issues (Madison Park), he got more patronizing and more expensive. his fees kept going up, his estimates for the build-out costs kept rising, his general opinion of the project kept getting more and more complicated. he kept saying things like “you can’t afford this,” and “this will be way too much” and “you don’t want to get into that.” our initial opinion of Jeff was quite favorable, but by the end of our meeting, we felt he was questionable at best (kept saying “i’ve got some tricks up my sleeve” but wouldn’t explain what he meant) and quite patronizing (as if we were teenagers).

we both agreed we won’t be working with Jeff. so, we still don’t have an architect.