architect meeting, take 3

by kateagarwal

we went to meet with yet another architect at DelPrado this evening. Ken, this time. and as they say, it seems that third time is the charm – this was the best architect meeting of the three. this man was not condescending or patronizing, he didn’t just glance around and run away. he was helpful and informative and willing to give it a try. he talked to the building engineer, George, who just happened to walk by, and got lots of information on the spot. he came up with a few ideas to address venting, seemed to be willing to take this on and see how well we can do. on top of that positive turn of events, we also learned about a possible city of Chicago grant program for small businesses that we may want to look into for some funding.

finally a positive development. finally we meet someone who doesn’t scare easily, someone who isn’t feeding us a bunch of bullshit, someone who seems to get it. happy Valentine’s Day indeed!

after this rather uplifting meeting, we got a new wave of enthusiasm and came back with “let’s do this!” so, off to more research i go, this time about possibly getting a bit of small business improvement money from our great city – the SBIF grants.