SBIF grants

by kateagarwal

the SBIF grant program seemed promising. i researched it and found lots of information, found the appropriate city of Chicago site:

  • quote from the city of Chicago website: “The City of Chicago’s Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF) helps make improvements to small business properties in select Chicago neighborhoods. The program uses tax increment financing (TIF) revenues to help owners of commercial and industrial properties within specific TIF districts to repair or remodel their facilities for their own business or on behalf of tenants.”

then i read even more on the actual application site and our hopes got squashed. in order to even think about applying, you have to be in one of Chicago’s TIF ZONES. i looked it up on the zoning map and it was painfully clear that it was bad news, but i even called their office to make 100% sure. spoke with a lovely woman named Sylvia. she was very helpful and said that unfortunately, the DelPrado building does NOT fall within the TIF zones and therefore will NOT be eligible for any amount of grant money. i was told not to apply, we will be denied just based on the geographic location. of course, my neighbor D told me about this grant thing a few weeks ago (well, she told me about some grant program that DelPrado wouldn’t qualify for, but i didn’t connect the dots until now) but i was hoping it was a different thing.

damn it. it’s ONE BLOCK away from the TIF zone boundary. a freaking short block!