we lost DelPrado

by kateagarwal

maybe it's is for the best...


while we were looking forward to tomorrow’s conference call between our architect, Ken, the leasing agent, Peter, and the DelPrado building engineers, “our” corner space got leased to someone else.

we understood from the beginning that the leasing game was based on who brings the cash first. we were totally aware of “first come first served,” but we were also under the impression that the leasing agent understood our issues (lack of building ventilation) and our efforts to get it solved. he was the one who set up the conference call with the building engineers and our architect for TOMORROW, so it seems a bit odd that he went ahead and leased out the space to someone else TODAY. but, i’ve been saying from the very beginning that he’s not the best person to work with, so i’m not terribly surprised at this unfortunate turn of events.

this is a big setback. we are quite disappointed.

and yes, we didn’t have very high hopes for DelPrado working out anyway, since the ventilation has been such a huge barrier for two prior architects and a fancy restaurant consultant. but we were looking forward to that conference call that Peter set up for wednesday. just to make sure once and for all…

but we already started working on another option (i bet because on some subconscious level we knew Peter was not to be trusted) – the Harper Court developer called us back. i was working on edits to our business plan all morning. before we even heard back from DelPrado, we were already exploring new options. or rather, exploring the prior-DelPrado options, as it was the UofC and Harper Court leasing people that we spoke with first, back in the fall 2011.

we sent the business plan over to Chris at Vermilion Development just moments ago. fingers crossed. :-)