by kateagarwal

since the very inception of the idea for this restaurant, i decided i will do a lot of the interior design and furnishing myself. i love doing things like that, i’m good at it, and it will significantly lower our expenses. plus, refinishing tables and chairs and bringing in funky, eclectic, unique art and decor will create the kind of place we want to have and infuse it with personality. that’s key for me as far as public spaces – character.

over the last few months i have sketched out a few ideas and i’ve been researching upholstery techniques and used furniture dealers. i am going to try to produce the dining room furniture for mundo bizarro and make them AMAZING. i plan to get funky used tables and paint/collage them to make them new and interesting. i will also get vintage chairs, fix them up, paint them, and reupholster the seats/backs in bright, funky fabrics. that’s my goal. :-)

and imagine my delight when i opened up a recent email from (my latest favorite online vice) and saw MY IDEAS already taken and turned into an artsy (and very profitable) business, The Divine Chair. i love those chairs! :-) they have lived in my head for a while now and seeing them in living color is just amazing. plus, it’s a bit of a validation for me – people are paying hundreds of dollars per chair to get their hands on these designs! but i will do a similar thing for mundo bizarro and people can sit on my art for free! :-)