Madison Park, again

by kateagarwal

various marketing numbers on the windows of the space... very interesting

we like the Madison Park location more and more. today Finn and i met with Ken, our architect, to talk about ventilation and noise reduction in the space (and yes, Finny is my Assistant for All Things Restaurant Related :-)).

the leasing office didn’t have the key (shouldn’t that be kept in a set place where the leasing agents could always access it? i’m just saying…) so they couldn’t let us inside, but Ken was fine with examining the building from the outside and just talking through what we need. he is pretty confident that the venting solution he came up with for DelPrado will fit in Madison Park very nicely and solve our problems (this vent stuff is a real Achilles’ heel for us wherever we look!). Ken also said that noise reduction is not a big problem to address – we’ll do appropriate layered flooring and ceiling insulation (to reduce/eliminate noise waves bouncing around), and he said it won’t be terribly expensive. we want to make sure to do as much noise reduction as possible – we don’t want mundo bizarro to be a nuisance to the neighbors in any way. plus noise pollution is still pollution and we want to reduce all kinds of wasteful emissions. :-)

the more we visit Madison Park, the more we like it… we’re doing a credit check right now, and checking on the zoning issues, and if that goes through, then lease negotiations will come next. fingers crossed!