the art

mundo bizarro will be all about ART.

This is very important to me (Kate) because I’m all about art and creativity and design. I’ve taken too many art classes in college to even count and I keep talking various courses at our local art center whenever I have time.

We want to use the restaurant venue as an outlet for my art. I dabble in all kinds of art making, from painting to drawing to photography to collage to knitting. I want to utilize my skills and art energies to furnish the mundo bizarro space with an eclectic assembly of reclaimed vintage furniture and accessories.

We don’t want new cookie-cutter boring restaurant furniture – mundo bizarro needs character and personality and lots of color and interesting fabrics and vintage flair. :-)

I have a substantial art and design background and do-it-yourself kind of projects are my big hobby. So, since mundo bizarro is a dream of mine (it’s my 4th baby!), I will be doing all of the interior design. I have lots of funky, creative ideas for everything from wall art, to flooring, to seating, to bar space. I am also very particular about the materials I want to use, the techniques I want to employ, the character I want to instill in my creations. I want mundo bizarro to be one-of-a-kind dining space, with one-of-a-kind furniture and decor.

For example, we are designing a fantastic bar space that we will make ourselves (with architect and contractor supervision, of course) – we found this great bar idea during one of our family vacations and we want to do a similar project for mundo bizarro (I have been learning about mosaic technique and researching resources ever since).

Another thing we’ll be doing for the restaurant interior is using old, reclaimed furniture (because it’s better than buying new stuff, and it’s like recycling which it’s something we want to do, and because vintage furniture rocks!). I’m currently researching upholstery fabrics and techniques because all of mundo bizarro‘s chairs will be hand-made using reclaimed vintage chair frames (I’m so looking forward to doing this!). I have similar plans for tables (will be doing collage table tops) and various items around the restaurant (table top vases and/or candle holders, for example). I will “employ” local volunteers (like my amazing girlfriends and my older sons with their preteen friends) to help me with some parts of the artsy projects – I think it’ll be a fun activity and it will involve our friends and neighbors in a hands-on kind of way. :-) Here are some relatively close images of what I’m thinking: