the players

We’re Kate and Aloke.

We’ve been together since our freshman year at the University of Chicago. Together we lived in many Hyde Park apartments, changed majors a few times, had weird pets, bought a house, had three babies and are currently watching them grow (Kaylan is 11 1/2, Jake is 10, and Finn is almost 4).

We earned our degrees (Aloke has a B.S. in Biology from the UofC, Kate has a Sociology B.A. from DePaul University) and then went back for grad school for more (Information Systems for Aloke and Multicultural Communications for Kate). Aloke has an extensive background in IT – from programming to e-commerce to managing multi-million dollar projects. Kate has a significant PR, marketing, and fine arts background (with a strong focus on nonprofits) as well as many years of full-time-mom experience (life with three boys is quite an adventure).

We have always wanted to build our own business, to  combine our very different skill-sets for something amazing, and to do it in Hyde Park, our home for the past 20 years. mundo bizarro is our dream. It’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done together, aside from raising a family, and it’s the biggest leap of faith.

We have lived in Hyde Park for almost 20 years and we know the neighborhood, know many of its residents. Our ‘hood is a vital part of our life and our family. Hyde Park’s diversity is second to none and it provides a wonderful customer base. with mundo bizarro, we want to contribute a warm, spicy Latin flair to Hyde Park’s revitalization efforts. we want to be the cool-yet-homey hangout for our friends, neighbors, and fellow Hyde Parkers.

both photos are from our recent family vacation in sunny Curacao