the project

We are finally making that huge leap of faith and doing what we’ve been talking about for years.

We are working to open a restaurant / bar in Hyde Park. It will be called mundo bizarro, which in Spanish means “crazy, bizarre world.”

The concept will center on Latin flavors, both in the food as well as in drinks. We’re thinking of it as a Latin fusion, focusing on flavors, rather than full meals.

We both love all things Mexican and South American – cultures, music, food, drinks, art, architecture, etc. The restaurant we are planning will provide a tasty repertoire of ethnic ingredients and new creative recipes. We will serve delicious Latin flavor appetizer-style small plates – a selection of creative tacos, empanadas, a variety of Latin-flavor finger foods, tapas, spicy chicken wings (baked, not fried), plus a variety of salsas and chips.

Our other main focus is on local, responsibly grown ingredients, organic whenever possible, and using small, local, family-owned farms for all of our food. We also want to become green certified – we want to employ various “green” methods of food preparation, as well as energy-efficient lighting, environmentally safe cleaning products, etc. to further the goals of sustainable development.

Mundo bizarro will be more than just a restaurant – we want to be a fun, relaxing artsy destination for the neighborhood. Mundo bizarro will host regular art events for adults (such as “Pints & Paints” where we will provide art instruction and supplies to the customers for an evening of Latin American inspired art making with a special menu and cocktails) and families (kid-themed “Let’s Make Art” sessions will be geared to children and their parents with yummy deserts and special treats). Mundo bizarro will be open to poetry readings, chess tournaments, local musicians, and whatever else the community wants to bring into our space. We will also host regular meals for those less fortunate in our neighborhood as well as “pay-what-you-can” evenings (inspired by Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen).

There is no place remotely like this in Hyde Park, so mundo bizarro will fill a substantial void. We will make it amazing. :-)